J. William Warehime photo

J. William Warehime was born in 1927 to Harry V. and Airie K. Warehime who had their early roots in farming in Silver Run, Maryland, prior to moving to Hanover.

Interestingly, Bill spent his early childhood in a house across the street from the C.N. Myers Mansion, owned by one of the founders of Hanover Shoe Company; and he would later acquire the property in 1997. 

After high school, Bill entered the U.S. Army in 1945 and was honorably discharged in 1946. He then enrolled at Gettysburg College loving his time there while nurturing some local, lifetime friendships, and graduating in 1950. He remained very faithful to Gettysburg College by gifting them a carillon bell tower, fountain in honor of his college friends, and numerous stained-glass windows in the Glatfelter Lodge.

At that time, Bill joined the family business, Hanover Canning Company, which his father, Harry V. Warehime had started in 1924. That business evolved into Hanover Brands, Inc. and is now known today as Hanover Foods Corporation.

Bill eventually settled on running a family leasing and investment company called Warehime Enterprises, Inc. for many years. As the years rolled by, Bill had the vision and opportunity to acquire the Myers Mansion for social occasions benefiting the residents of Hanover and for some personal use. In 2007, Bill gifted the mansion and all of its contents to the Hanover Area Historical Society. Additionally, Bill gifted a generous endowment to maintain and preserve the mansion full of Bill’s precious antiques so they could be enjoyed by all.

Throughout his lifetime, Bill was an enthusiastic collector of antiques. To name just a few, he amassed a collection of twenty-two tall case clocks, many paintings, multiple chandeliers, and perhaps his favorite collection of many, many wise old owls!

In 1996, the J. William Warehime Foundation was formed to continue Bill’s tradition to advance public well being through civic commitment and support of charitable institutions.

Even today, his Foundation continues its charitable work of giving primarily to the residents of Hanover and York County guided by Bill’s vision and generous nature.f