Grants are available for time-limited, project-specific expenses of charitable 501(c)3 nonprofit organizations, educational bodies, and government agencies.

Of particular interest are projects that:

  • Undertake activities that are of strategic importance and have proven potential to make a lasting, significant impact.
  • Engage new partners in cooperative efforts.
  • Leverage new resources – time, money or know how – to accomplish community priorities.
  • Impact York and Adams counties

Grants are generally not provided for:

  • Projects that are unrelated, or marginally related, to the goals of each particular grant program.
  • Budget shortfalls.
  • Multiple projects from the same grant program.
  • Organizations with discriminatory employment or program practices.
  • Association dues.
  • Travel, conferences, or any form of direct financial assistance to individuals.

Organizations can utilize the William Warehime Foundation Condensed Grant Application for any request under $25,000. Any organization that has annual revenues under $1 million and a grant request under $75,000 may also utilize the William Warehime Foundation Condensed Grant Application.

Operational grants are for non-profits servicing individuals with services that address basic human needs.

Grant submission deadlines are February 15th, May 15th, August 15th, and November 15th. Questions regarding grant applications should be directed to